Oakland Masterplan

With family foremost, a unique feature of the Estate will be the introduction of the Over 55’s Village with commencement to be approximately July 2018. Extensive research went into the surrounding environment and existing Infrastructure that is already in place. Making sure the Local CBD, the convenience of health practices, Grocery, and leisure shopping facilities are at an acceptable distance from the site, External recreation facilities, restaurants community programs are already existing. Oakland has also investigated making minimal environmental impacts. Keeping in mind to nominate an abundance of green space areas amongst the housing. As all these features are existing within the local Beaudesert township, Oaklands understands that there is a need for additional basic conveniences. A central business hub for the ever-growing Oakland community and surrounding community to take advantage of. Newly completed business thus far include The Greener Grocer, Caltex Service Station, Fish and Chips, Brodies Chicken and local Star Liquor. The expansion will also generate additional job prospects for those seeking local employment.

The anticipated population growth of upwards of 20,000 new residents (a large portion of which are young families seeking a lifestyle change) opens up a wealth of opportunities for enterprising businesses to share in the development of an economic growth spot.

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