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Investment Opportunities

Tucked away in the heart of the Scenic Rim, Beaudesert has huge capital growth in its future.

Key Reasons to Invest

Government Commitment

The government has recently seen the potential in Beaudesert, and has committed significant resources to expanding the area. The nearby barracks at Canungra are undergoing a $220m investment for use as a training base, and a further $27.5 million has been committed for infrastructure upgrades.

SCT Bromelton

The SCT Freight Terminal is currently under construction in Bromelton, located just six kilometres away from Beaudesert - and a stone's throw from Oakland Estate. It is the first step in the sustainable industrial development of the surrounding region, and once completed in early 2017, is predicted to bring upwards of 1000 jobs to the area and bring long-term employment benefits.

Thriving Township

Oakland Estate is built around the thriving rural township of Beaudesert, giving it ready access to an array of pre-existing community infrastructure. Beaudesert has a colourful retail scene, in addition to both primary and secondary schools, a great range of medical facilities, and a local hospital Subsequently, the area is fully equipped for growth.


Gateway to the Golden Triangle

Oakland Estate enjoys prime position in what has been dubbed by experts the 'Golden Triangle' of real estate. This is the area that forms an equilateral triangle around the Brisbane CBD - with points falling on Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast.

John McGrath, CEO of McGrath Real Estate, declared in 2015 that this new 'sweet spot' for real estate will undergo a large boom between now and 2020 - partially due to the fact that Queensland has a substantial $134 billion of public infrastructure in the pipeline. This allows for an investment at a reasonable price with plenty of government support to ensure sustained growth.

Shown to the right is Beaudesert's location in the triangle, with green showing the major traffic routes all running from Beaudesert to other key parts of South East Queensland. This has earned Beaudesert the title of 'the Gateway', as it is an ideal infrastructure hub.

Access To Town

Ideally located in a thriving township

Oakland Estate has a unique benefit that sets it apart from other developments in the area. Oakland is built nestled right into an already thriving country township, with 13,000 residents. This gives Oakland access to a variety of community infrastructure, and a strong backbone for economic growth.

Federal & State Development Precint

Beaudesert's Bromelton Area - Set to Grow

The government has allocated 15,000 hectares of land adjoining Beaudesert as State Development Area, intended to serve as a launch-pad for medium and large industry in the region. Facilities are already planned and underway that will create flow-on employment and drive the economy of the region.

SCT's Freight terminal, located minutes away from Oakland Estate in Bromelton, opened in January 2017 and set the scene for other big players to move into the precinct.
The Australian Rail Track Corporation has since purchased an 850 hectare swathe of land within the site, with the view to develop in future. ARTC is responsible for the majority of Australia's rail network.
Building and development giant Mirvac has also put a vote of confidence in the future of the Scenic Rim Region, having secured a large subsection of the area several years ago. Plans have since been released for their Nucleus Transmodal Facility.

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